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Five Things: Wheel Size Explained

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Great bikes can be designed with any wheel size.A great bike is a great bike, regardless of wheel size. For fast open trails around Boise, we find that bikes with slacker angles and shorter wheelbases provide awesome a ride feel at speed, while remaining balanced during the climbs.  So long as the designer thoughtfully considers wheel size in formulating a bike’s geometry, its possible to find a bike that rides beautifully with 26, 27.5, or 29 inch wheels.  Beware of designs claiming to “speed-up” 29er handling by using a steep – 71+ degree – head tube angle.  While this concept might work on the east coast, steep angles make for skitter and nervous handling on the open, high speed descents characteristic of the Boise foothills]Bigger wheels favor a high speed, carvy riding style.What really sets wheel sizes apart is ride style. 29 inch wheels excel in open conditions and reward riders who …

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