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Eastside Welcomes Norco to Boise

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One of the things I love about in Boise is that we get to serve families that are serious about cycling. At Eastside, we’re always looking for bikes that make mountain biking more fun, more affordable, and more accessible for the whole family. Last year, while shopping for a mountain bike for my daughter, I was surprised to find that there were far more carbon wonder-bikes than kids bikes that could handle a ride in the Boise foothills. This started me on a search for a brand could innovate for riders of all ages and skill-levels. What I found was the Canadian classic: Norco. Started in 1964 in a British Columbia chicken coop, Norco has a heritage few other North American companies can claim. It made its name building, high quality bikes at a time when the idea was virtually unheard of. While many of its contemporaries scoffed at the idea …

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