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27.5 vs 29 – Why it matters less than you think.

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27.5 vs 29? is a question we see more of our customers fret over than almost any other.  There seems to be something so foundational about wheel size; it is as if there is an expectation that bikes with different wheel sizes must be dramatically different from each other.  The bike industry has hyped this up so much that wheel size isn’t just a characteristic of your bike, it says something about who you are. Of course this is all complete and utter nonsense.  Whether your bike has 27.5 vs 29 inch wheels is really not that big a deal. Sure there are differences between the wheel sizes, but they aren’t so severe to make one uniformly superior and the other obsolete.  This is why we were so glad to see EWS pro Remi Gauvin and Rocky Mountain’s Thomas Vanderham put the wheel size issue to bed. The comparison is …

2018 Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Perspectives on the 2018 Rocky Mountain Pipeline

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One of the reasons were happy to Rocky Mountain only dealer in Boise, is that they understand mountain biking like no other brand.  Take the new 2018 Rocky Mountain Pipeline.  Sure it has 27+ wheels, but there is so much more to riding than spec sheets and numbers. A point captured perfectly by Wade Simmons and Jesse Melamed in the video. Riding is ultimately about freedom, going to places you’ve never been before, and seeing new ways to become a better rider. Maybe we’re just sentimental, but the video does a pretty good job at pulling at mountain bikers’ heart strings. Of course its hard not to get nostalgic about a bike that lets you ride like you are 12 again. Pipeline shares the 140 mm travel, 1x-specific platform as the new Instinct. We’ve talked about Instinct’s rave reviews, but that story did’t quite capture the platform’s versatility.  When paired …

Its Official, Pinkbike Loves the New Instinct

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We’re huge fans of the new Rocky Mountain Instinct and apparently so are the folks over at Pinkbike. We’ve been able to get few rides in on some of the early release Instincts in the Boise foothills and have come away impressed. So while it’s one thing to say that the new Instinct climbs better and is more fun than any trail bike has business being, its another have it in black and white. So here is what they had to say: There you have it and we wholeheartedly agree.  For Mike Levy’s full review, head over to Pinkbike.  To get your hands on the new Rocky Mountain Instinct swing by the shop to day or call to get one on pre-order.  We have a feeling this bike is going to go fast.  In addition to the Instinct 90 BC edition, Rocky offers standard versions of the Instinct with 140 mm front and …

Eastside Welcomes Norco to Boise

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One of the things I love about in Boise is that we get to serve families that are serious about cycling. At Eastside, we’re always looking for bikes that make mountain biking more fun, more affordable, and more accessible for the whole family. Last year, while shopping for a mountain bike for my daughter, I was surprised to find that there were far more carbon wonder-bikes than kids bikes that could handle a ride in the Boise foothills. This started me on a search for a brand could innovate for riders of all ages and skill-levels. What I found was the Canadian classic: Norco. Started in 1964 in a British Columbia chicken coop, Norco has a heritage few other North American companies can claim. It made its name building, high quality bikes at a time when the idea was virtually unheard of. While many of its contemporaries scoffed at the idea …

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