Rocky Mountain InstinctWe’re huge fans of the new Rocky Mountain Instinct and apparently so are the folks over at Pinkbike. We’ve been able to get few rides in on some of the early release Instincts in the Boise foothills and have come away impressed. So while it’s one thing to say that the new Instinct climbs better and is more fun than any trail bike has business being, its another have it in black and white. So here is what they had to say:

With class-leading climbing performance, and the ability to tackle anything you point it down, the Instinct Carbon 90 BC Edition lives up to its name. No, it’s not an enduro bike, despite its travel, and Rocky doesn’t pitch it as one either – look at the Altitude if that’s what you’re after. That said, this thing is quite the package for someone who wants an all-arounder that’s more capable than a trail bike but more pedal-able than a true enduro monster.
Mike Levy, Pinkbike

There you have it and we wholeheartedly agree.  For Mike Levy’s full review, head over to Pinkbike.  To get your hands on the new Rocky Mountain Instinct swing by the shop to day or call to get one on pre-order.  We have a feeling this bike is going to go fast.  In addition to the Instinct 90 BC edition, Rocky offers standard versions of the Instinct with 140 mm front and rear travel with the same carbon frame (starting at $3,649) or alloy versions starting at$3,199.