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Eastside Cycles Boise is your East Boise Bike Shop carrying Rocky Mountain Bikes.

Rocky Mountain bikes were born on Vancouver’s epic North Shore and excel in the type of fast, steep and varied terrain we call home.

Let us take care of your bike so you can focus on having fun.

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Eastside Cycles Boise is your East Boise Bike Shop and East Boise Bicycle repair shop with honest and friendly service.


Eastside Cycles staff has the know how to make your bike perform its best.  Never content to just replace a part, we’re committed to maximizing the performance of every bike we touch.


We start every repair with a conversation to find out your needs.  Once your repair is complete, we’ll notify you however you like: phone, email, text or Facebook.

Fast Turnaround

Bikes are most fun when you can ride them.  That is why Eastside Cycles stocks even the most esoteric repair parts, offer advance repair scheduling, and provide accelerated service for a nominal charge.



Five Things: Wheel Size Explained

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Great bikes can be designed with any wheel size.A great bike is a great bike, regardless of wheel size. For fast open trails around Boise, we find that bikes with slacker angles and shorter wheelbases provide awesome a ride feel at speed, while remaining balanced during the climbs.  So long as the designer thoughtfully considers wheel size in formulating a bike’s geometry, its possible to find a bike that rides beautifully with 26, 27.5, or 29 inch wheels.  Beware of designs claiming to “speed-up” 29er handling by using a steep – 71+ degree – head tube angle.  While this concept might work on the east coast, steep angles make for skitter and nervous handling on the open, high speed descents characteristic of the Boise foothills]Bigger wheels favor a high speed, carvy riding style.What really sets wheel sizes apart is ride style. 29 inch wheels excel in open conditions and reward riders who …
2018 Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Perspectives on the 2018 Rocky Mountain Pipeline

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here is so much more to riding than spec sheets and numbers. A point captured perfectly by Wade Simmons and Jesse Melamed in the video. Riding is ultimately about freedom, going to places you’ve never been before, and seeing new ways to become a better rider. Maybe we’re just sentimental, but the video does a pretty good job at pulling at mountain bikers’ heart strings.

Our Mission: Be the Best Bike Shop in Boise

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At Eastside, we aim high. Not only to we want to be the best bike shop in Boise, but we also want to be the friendliest. This is no small task; Boise is graced with an abundance of shops all trying to do the same.  Since we’ve opened, we have strived to be a different kind of bike shop.  One that’s service-focused, community-oriented, and driven by the love for bikes we share with our customers.  Here are the three things we do to be a different, better kind of bike shop.

The Rocky Mountain Instinct 70 gets Bicycling’s Editor’s Choice Nod

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The 2018 Rocky Mountain Instinct has been one of our favorite bikes this year. It turns out that Bicycling Magazine thinks the same thing, giving the Instinct top honors in a field packed full of 29 inch trail bikes.  What got the Instinct the nod?  Simply put, it was its versatility: “a bike that you can race XC on Saturday and take to the lift-served park on Sunday.” You can read more about Bicyling’s thoughts on the Instinct here.  We keep an Instinct along side of several bikes from Rocky Mountain and Norco as part of our demo fleet.  Stop by for a test ride today, we thing you will be similarly impressed.
Eastside Cycles Boise is your East Boise Bike Shop and East Boise Bicycle repair place with honest and friendly service.

Team Eastside Cycles

We are proud to be title sponsor of Team Eastside Cycles, a competitive mountain biking and cyclocross team that strives to be active in the improvement of the local cycling community. Visit the Team Eastside Cycles page to learn more.
Eastside Cycles Boise is your East Boise Bike Shop and East Boise Bicycle repair place with honest and friendly service.

Idaho Waffle Cross

With fun courses, a festive atmosphere, and free waffles, the Idaho Waffle Cross cyclocross race series is fun, family friendly way to introduce  riders  to cyclocross.  Visit the Idaho Waffle Cross Series page to learn more.

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