Our Mission

Be the Best Bike Shop in Boise

At Eastside, we aim high. Not only do we want to be the best bike shop in Boise, but we also want to be the friendliest. This is no small task; Boise is graced with an abundance of shops all trying to do the same.  Since we’ve opened, we have strived to be a different kind of bike shop.  One that’s service-focused, community-oriented, and driven by the love for bikes, something we share with our customers.

3 things we do to be a different kind of shop.

We Keep a Small-footprint

When we opened in 2009, the trend in bike shops was to be big. Big showrooms custom designed by the big brands all with a correspondingly big price tag.  We decided to go a different route and stay small. Doing so allows us to keep a focused selection of bikes on hand without having to warehouse a huge inventory.  This gives us the freedom to deal brands we like, stock a broader selection of parts and accessories, and ultimately keeps our prices reasonable.

We Sell Brands we Love

By staying small we keep the freedom to carry brands we love.  Every bike brand has access to the same underlying technology.  What sets a great bike apart from a milquetost one is how artfully the brand marries their passion for cycling, engineering expertise, and commitment to refinement. Â Big brands are crippled in this regard, by catering to global markets their bikes become watered down and unfocused, and dare we say boring.  We are simply huge fans of the energy Rocky Mountain and Norco are bringing to the table.

We Love Wrenching Bikes

We opened Eastside because we love working on bikes bikes, we love solving problems, and we love the smiles on our customer’s faces when they pick up their bikes.  After years in the shop we still love the smell of tires and tri-flow. In many shops service is an afterthought, something they’re more than willing to outsource and surprisingly unwilling to invest in.  We take the opposite approach: we invest in tools to do the job right, keep an impressive selection of esoteric small parts, and make sure our staff has the knowhow to service the newest technologies in house. Check out our service page to learn more.